Train feasibility study

Published on 03 August 2023

You may have seen the recent news that a taxpayer funded feasibility study into a potential private tourist train to and from the Barossa has commenced.

I welcomed the study because we always need to look at ways to improve transport in our region for locals and tourists alike.

After calling for the government to expand the tourist train feasibility study I’m pleased they agreed and it’s now going to also look at whether a passenger train stacks up for our region. This was a welcome change of heart from the government because it’s just common sense to explore all the options for the use of the rail corridor.

The bottom line is the Labor Government has announced that 25,000 people will be moving into Concordia inside the Barossa Valley over the next decade, and that is going to require a very considered transport infrastructure plan, and all that work should start now.

It may be that the demand isn’t there, it doesn’t stack up or that the cost is simply eye-watering, but the government should at least get all the facts!

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