Seeing your GP should be easy

Published on 01 July 2024

You may have heard that from today the cost of visiting some GPs across the state may be going up by as much as $20 per visit.

This comes on the back of the Labor Government’s decision to make SA medical practices liable to pay payroll tax on payments to contracted GPs.

Doctors across the state and peak medical bodies have been warning these changes will make GP visits around $20 more expensive, and that some clinics could even close.

Not only will these changes put more strain on the family budget, but ultimately it will drive more people to our already overcrowded emergency departments, and exacerbate the ramping crisis.

It’s a lose-lose for patients and GPs which is why we are urging Peter Malinauskas to end the GP tax grab now.

If he doesn’t, I wanted to let you know that the Liberals are committed to scrapping it if we’re elected to government in 2026.

We’re committed to this because we want to make it easier, not harder, for South Australians to see their GP.

This policy will form part of our broader plan to help ease the pressure on our health system, and there’ll be more to say on that in the months ahead.

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