Mount Pleasant main street to be resurfaced

Published on 09 May 2024

Melrose Street is a critical route for our region, and as locals know, the condition of the road hasn’t been up to scratch for a long time.

I’ve doorknocked many people throughout the town and spoke to local businesses and truckies – no one has been impressed with the condition, and as your local MP, I’ve been pushing for action.

In a win for the community, I can confirm that Mount Pleasant’s main street is scheduled for resurfacing next financial year.

I brought the then-Regional Roads Minister (a now axed Ministry) out to the region so he could see the condition of many roads firsthand, and we’ve recently received confirmation that resurfacing works will be undertaken.

I’m advised that “a 3.6km section of Eden Valley Road (Melrose Street), from west of the Tungkillo Road junction to the intersection of Fulwoods Road and Fromm Road” is scheduled for resurfacing.

We need to do everything we can to deliver safer, better regional roads, and while this is a great result, there’s still so much more to do right across the region.

That’s why, as the State Budget approaches, I’ve also formally urged the government to commit more funding for our regional roads so we can see continuing investment in crucial road infrastructure across regions like ours.

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