Securing a commitment to build the Barossa Hospital

Published on 01 December 2022

Work is ongoing for the delivery of the Barossa Hospital after I secured a commitment from the new Government to continue with the former government’s significant progress.

When the former Liberal Government left in March 2022, we were closer than ever to delivering this hospital. 

We had expert planners in the field, and money in the budget for the very first time.

I know just how much this matters to my community. That's why the first letter I wrote as a local MP was to advocate for the Barossa Hospital with the new Government.

The former Liberal Government made a firm and unwavering commitment to build the hospital and the body of work that is being done should finalise the plans for the build, identify what type of services will be in the hospital, determine how big it will be and, therefore, how much it will cost.

Getting this detailed building plan right is absolutely critical and the community needs to be involved as much as possible. 

Our community has a commonsense approach – we don’t care for a yo-yo approach to this Hospital, and we’ve been extraordinarily patient for the better part of three decades.

The Minister through ‘The Leader’ provided assurance to our community that the hospital process would continue to proceed, and we’ll be holding the Government to account on that commitment.

Whilst I'm extremely disappointed the purchase of land has been pushed out by the Government, I'm pleased progress is being made and I'll continue to keep working on it every day.

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