State Budget 2024 update

Published on 13 June 2024

The government has delivered its third State Budget, and I wanted to personally give you an update on some of the key areas.

Unfortunately, it was a missed opportunity for the government to really address the key issues facing families and businesses.

Regional communities across the state have largely been left behind, and there’s next to no cost-of-living relief for families doing it tough. All while the government is raking in a historic amount of tax from hardworking South Australians.

Disturbingly, there’s also a huge $44 billion ticking debt bomb in Labor’s latest budget left for future generations – a large chunk of this is due to departmental and project blowouts – signs of a government incapable of living within its means.

At the local level, I was particularly hoping to see more money for regional roads and more investment injected to build a new Barossa Hospital. As an Opposition, we also led the charge in pushing for payroll tax relief for businesses and a much more comprehensive improvement to stamp duty.

So as we head towards the next election, we will keep putting forward positive policies to address the challenges and opportunities facing our state, and in the meantime, we will continue to hold the government accountable for their promises.

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