Truro Freight Route project scrapped by Labor

Published on 12 December 2023

In November, the Albanese Federal Government scrapped funding for the Truro Freight Route project.

Locals have been pushing to get trucks off the Main Street of Truro for years and have been left disappointed by the recent decision to scrap the freight route.

The cutting of this project is a huge kick in the guts for locals who have been wanting to get trucks off of the Main Street of Truro for years.

In scrapping the freight route as part of their infrastructure cuts, the Albanese Government has abandoned a project that would have not only shifted 600 trucks a day out of Truro’s Main Street, but streamlined the run in and out of Adelaide benefiting the whole state.

There’s certainly a sense of frustration locally because delivering this project was on track under the former Liberal government and we should have seen shovels in the ground late in 2022 - had the timeline been followed, the project would never have been caught up in the Federal infrastructure review.

Abandoning these infrastructure projects across the state is not just a setback for our local community, but for regional South Australia more broadly. It's another example of how little value Labor puts on regional communities.

While this is the decision that Labor has made, I won’t stop working with locals to get it back on track - it’s clearly an essential piece of infrastructure that makes sense for Truro, for the truck drivers and for the economy.

If you would like to add your support to the cause visit this link to sign the petition -

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